Conceived for your life

Your wardrobe represents your lifestyle. Do you see the potential for change when you look at yours? If that is the case, GREATWOOD has found the solution. We make beautiful solutions in custom wardrobes to help you remain organized and composed, seek your best, and live your best.

Enrich your Life

GREATWOOD offers countless choices of style, finish, and colors. What is your style? Are you looking for lots of open racks or door privacy? Do you gather shoes, or do you want to spend your time hanging on racks? Why not take a look at some of our work and some of your options to get started? Of course, every GREATWOOD closet is custom built to your home. It all starts with the style, finish, and color that best suits your taste and home.

Get Inspired

Explore our designer’s choices of the portfolio, find out the style suit you.

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