• Consulting

    It all begins with a friendly first consultant to find out who you are and what you're looking for. Collecting project information from the customer to analyze their preference of projects will help us understand customer needs in terms of frequently used material, Lead-time requirement, budget for projects, etc. improve our ability to serve our clients better.

  • Samples matching

    We understand that each of our customers has unique demands for their project. Because kitchens are so central in our daily lives, we want to make sure that each project can fulfill our customer's inspiration about the kitchen, so we provide a sample matching service, which means you can always send your dreamed material for your project to us. We will use our strong supplier network to match as close as we can if you do not 100% satisfied with our catalog of selection since your dream comes true is always our goal of pursuing.

  • Design

    GREATWOOD specializes in creating the perfect custom-made kitchen, and our passion for quality is reflected in our high design standard. All of our customer's projects will be designed by our very experienced designer. No matter what kinds of drawings our clients carry with to us, such as shop drawings, architectural drawings, or even just a few simple sketches need to be redesigned, and we will all use our expertise to help clients to makes their project successful.

  • Production monitoring

    With an excellent understanding of the products and manufacturing processing, the GREATWOOD service team will keep update for our clients of their project progress, such as what process their project is in, what percentage of the whole project has already been done, how long it may take to make the entire project finished. We will send pictures or videos of production from time to time to ensure that your project is well performed in our hands.

  • Production inspecting

    Most of the time, customers will only count on the factory QA team to do the self-inspecting, but sometimes it failed because, as said, "every potter praises his own pot." Hence, besides factory QA team GREATWOOD has our own service team as the third party only represent customers' interest will inspect the whole dimension of the production in terms of color, templates, construction, edgebanding, sizing, hardware, everything related to the quality we won't let any default products come out from our factory, also the full inspection report will be sent to our customer to review.

  • Packing

    GREATWOOD package has expert techniques and tools to protect your items for shipping. It's strong enough through layers of packing, and you can always worry-free while you order from us.
    GREATWOOD offers two methods for kitchen cabinet packing. One is Flatpack (Ready to assemble), and the other is fully assembled. In terms of the glass and countertop, we use cartons for packing and reinforce them with wooden frames to avoid breakage in transit.

  • Shipping& logistic

    Whether or not you have the experience of international import and export, GREATWOOD will always assist with the whole processing of shipping. We could manage to ship the products to our port, your port, even your doors, so don't let shipping makes you stop from building your dream kitchen.